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COMMSI is a non governmental organisation located along Zaria road in Kano. It works with numerous other NGOs, CBOs and CDAs.

COMSSI was formed by a group of like – minded individual with a background and experience in development work is non-governmental, non-profit making is aimed at educating individual/society from the disadvantaged group to have right and access to qualitative education justice and self-esteem for sustainable development through community social accountability mechanism.

The need for justice right for this exclusive group in the society become necessary as the majority are victims of neglect, which made them to fall into political thurggery, mass migration from rural/urban areas, human trafficking, youth restiveness, school dropout, prostitution, etc – mostly caused by corruption. COMSSI achieved the establishment of adult classes for formal/non formal educational extra – mural lesson for GCE/SSCE/NECO candidates and school dropout, obtaining admission and assistance to some disadvantaged groups into tertiary institutions, training on computer and creating job opportunities.

COMSSI also succeeded in assisting the arrest of some disadvantaged group who were sent to cities for domestic jobs, as well as sensitizing of society and individuals exclusively against the dangers human trafficking and immigration which results in modern day slavery. The centre also helps in creating awareness on the HIV/AIDs, reproductive health and maternal mortality.

Area of Activities

  1. Awareness and sensitization
  2. Social mobilisation
  3. Basic functional literacy
  4. Skill acquisition
  5. Capacity building
  6. Community and human rights empowerment


We are a non-governmental organization established Kano Nigeria in Nigeria, with the aim to encourage people from all walks of life to share information and help create solutions for poverty and development problems through propagating for social accountability.

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